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Sean Ramm

I started experimenting with glitter and glue after moving to Texas in 2009.  Having the honor to work with renowned glitter genius Rene Garcia, Jr. on various projects with Global Inheritance in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and an insurmountable amount of boredom having moved half way across the country to the middle of nowhere, I decided to give glitter art a whirl.  What started as a hobby to pass the Texas time rapidly became an obsession, and what you see is the product of manic nights in my garage layering glue and glitter on wood.  

e n j o y :: s e r i e s

The e n j o y :: s e r i e s is my first attempt at putting an actual body of work together.  Focusing on artists who have suffered from addiction, I feel that immortalizing them in glitter is a beautiful juxtaposition of the glitzy, glamour and fame they were forced to endure that inevitably led them toward a darker path.


I love taking on commissioned projects.  Its amazing seeing what others see come to life in a new and interesting way.  CONTACT ME if you have something you’d like to see sparkle. 

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